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“Wayzon Expo” is one of india’s leading education exhibition company with a strong brand identity in the education industry. This education fair continues to connect prospective students and their parents with leading educators, providing a superiative platform for making knowledgeable, well developed and insightful connection by bridging the interspace between the education institution, educators within and the enthusiastic students.

We believe in providing long term motivation and an incredible oppurtunity by allowing the young, bright students realize their dreams by exploring, discovering, enquiring and engaging with world class educator, This excellent oppurtunity will be available via edu fair to the east and north of the country in cities such as Asansol | Patna | Siliguri | Gangtok | Guwahati are nerve centers for education.

Come and meet us, find your destiny, and don’t let this opportunity pass!

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Covid - 19 Measures Taken To Ensure A Safe Event

Spraying the event  venue with sanitizer hourly

Gloves and mask will be provided at the venue to those who would need them

On-call immediate Ambulance facility at the venue


Smoke sanitizing frequently  as a part of a venue management

Reserved PPE kits in case of any emergency

On-call immediate Ambulance facility at the venue

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